• After sales tracking
    After sales tracking
    The response time in the city is about 1-3 working days. National response time ends within 5-7 working days
  • Client confirmation
    Client confirmation
    Satisfied with installed project functions Sign and confirm on the construction order
  • Determine the venue
    Determine the venue
    Customer provides detailed site size chart
    Or assign a professional master to visit
  • Personality design
    Personality design
    According to customers' site conditions and requirements And budget, designing exclusive solutions
  • Plan determination
    Plan determination
    The customer is satisfied with the layout of the renderings and confirms
  • Production and processing
    Production and processing
    Equipment required for production according to the effect shown in the effect diagram
  • Transportation installation
    Transportation installation
    Worry-free transportation, professional installation team, combined with customers Scheduled entry
Before the project is established
  • System training
    Provide reference for opening operation plan and employee sales training
  • Material support
    Member card, POS, cash register system, membership system, advertising poster design
  • Field trips
    Investigate local market conditions, accurately measure and check site size
  • Design
    According to the actual situation of investors, professional personalized design renderings
After the project is completed
  • Worry-free after sales
    Provide worry-free after-sales service, so that you can rest assured that the project operation.
  • Regular return visits
    Regular return visits to understand the situation and change to a more reasonable model
  • Flexible upgrade
    Upgrade and update of projection games
  • Site relocation
    Provide customers with overall park relocation services
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